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Seride Teshuvot of the Ottoman Empire Sages (Vols.1-2) / Shmuel Glick (SCH-431)

A Facsimile Edition of Responsa Fragments from the Cairo Genizah Collection of the Cambridge University Library
by Shmuel Glick
with Dotan Arad, Yaakov Schwartz,
and Ariel Grossman, Haim Carmi
Vol.1: [54], 508 pp.; Vol.2: [14], 462 pp. 
The Jewish Theological Seminary of America and Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit, Cambridge University Library, Jerusalem 2013
Vol. 1 ISBN 978-965-456-062-7
Vol. 2 ISBN 978-965-456-063-4
A Full Color Facsimile Edition
The whole 3 vols.study "Seride Teshuvot of Ottoman Empire Sages" identified 71 fragments from the "Late Genizah", which includes some 115 responsa; majority of respondents were identified, some of them among the greatest authorities, and some new and surprising faces in the responsa literature.
This collection provides an additional building block for the study of responsa literature, based upon manuscripts from the Cairo Genizah, and reveals to the reader new matters which have not been dealt with in the past either in religious or scholarly literature. Some of the fragments shed new light upon or add new data concerning events and issues that were dealt with during that era, and about which there have been hints in previously published responsa literature. Almost all of these responsa fragments are being published here for the first time.

contents of Volumes 1-2

Seride Teshuvot of the Ottoman Empire Sages (Vols.1-2) / Shmuel Glick
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