חזרה לרשימה

wednesday in schocken

The Books, Literature and the Library: During 2012 the JTS-Schocken Institute organized, a remarkable series of academic lectures entitled "The Book, Literature and the Library."  The finest scholars and lecturers in Israel were engaged – on a variety of topics including: manuscripts, literature, Talmudic literature and its development, the book and more.  Among the lecturers for the series included: winner of the Israel Prize, Professor Abraham Grossman, Prof. Shmuel Glick, Prof. Joseph Haker, Professor Catherine Kajman-Appel, Professor Elhanan Reiner, Professor Margalit Shilo, Professor Chagai Ben Shamai, Dr. Chana Kahat, and Dr. Chayuta Deutsch.  The series was well attended by a diverse cross-section of Jerusalemites. JTS is truly making its mark on the Jerusalem and Israeli intellectual landscape.